Cambridge B1 Preliminary 


What is Cambridge B1 Preliminary?

  • Intermediate level qualification

  • The Cambridge B1 Preliminary (PET) is suitable for learners with a lower intermediate level of English, and it demonstrates that you have now mastered the basics of English language communication.

  • You can do things such as take part in simple conversations across a range of subject areas, read simple articles or reports, and write letters and emails on everyday subjects.

  • At Richmond English School, most of our students tend to use Cambridge PET as a step towards moving up to a Cambridge B2 First class.

Course Information for Part-time B1 Preliminary, Autumn 2021.

Course type:

This is a 26 week, part-time, Cambridge B1 Preliminary level course, delivered in our classroom at 20 Mortlake over 1 x 2.5 hour sessions per week. 

Course Dates: Thursday 23rd September 2021 - Thursday 22nd April, 2022.

Course duration: 26 weeks, Friday 17th September  - Friday 10th December. 

Course Breaks and Holidays: 24 to 28 October 2021,
17 December 2021 to 7 January 2022, 13 to 18 February 2022

Course Times: Thursdays PM, 16:30 - 19:15 (2.5 hour class + 15 minute break)

Start date: any Thursday.

Exam dates: click here to see 2021 exam dates

Minimum Age: 18 

Max class size: 10

Price: £25 per class

Registration Fee: £50. Click here for more price info.

Minimum booking: 4 weeks/4 classes.

Study Materials: The registration fee includes your copy of the textbook.

Is this course at my level ?

  • To study on the Cambridge B1 Preliminary course, you should have at least an A2 Level of English at the beginning of your course. 

  • To take the Cambridge Level Test to get an indication of your current English language level, please click here.

  • We are happy to assess your current English level via video link or in person at the school. We will make the assessment free of charge, and it normally takes around half an hour.  

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