Cambridge A1 Starters, 13 week part-time Course, Autumn 2021 


What is Cambridge A1 Starters? 

  • A1 means you can use English in a basic way, and can communicate in everyday situations, using commonly used expressions.

  • It is usually studied by people who have recently arrived in the UK, and who have little or no past experience of speaking English.

  • At A1 Level you can do things such as introduce yourself to other people, and ask or answer questions about things such as where you live, and other people you know.

  • A1 courses are a good way of progressing towards the Richmond English School Cambridge A2 Movers Level Course.

Course Information for Part-time A1 Starter, Autumn 2021.

Course type:

This is a 32.5 hour, part-time, Cambridge A1 Starters course, delivered in our classroom at 20 Mortlake over 1 x 2.5 hour session per week. 

Start Date: Monday 13th September.

Course duration: 13 weeks, Monday 13th September  - Monday 6th December. The week of the 25th - 29th October is half term week and there are no classes. 

Course Times: Mondays PM, 14:00 - 16:45 (2.5 hour class + 15 minute break)

Start date: any Monday.

Exam dates: click here to see 2021 exam dates

Minimum Age: 18 

Max class size: 10

Hours per week: 2.5

Exam dates: click here to see 2021 exam dates

Price: £25 per class

Registration Fee: £50. Click here for more price info.

Minimum booking: 4 weeks/4 classes.

Study Materials: The registration fee includes your copy of the core text.

Is this course at my level ?

  • You do not need any experience of English learning to take the Cambridge A1 Course.


  • To take the Cambridge Level Test to get an indication of your current English language level, please click here.


  • We are happy to assess your current English level via video link or in person at the school. We will make the assessment free of charge, and it normally takes around half an hour.  


Apply for Cambridge A1 Starters.