Welcome to Richmond Live au pair English

  • We have new au pair English courses starting in mid-September 2020.

  • We teach lots of au pairs and nannies who live near us in Richmond.

  • We can help you settle into London, and offer specially discounted prices.

  • At the moment, we are teaching live, online classes, but hope to return to our classrooms in early 2021.

  • Until then, you can study Cambridge English live online classes with us up to 10 hours a week. Our au pair courses take place in the mornings, so you study when the children you look after are at school.

  • We offer au pair classes at the following levels: Cambridge B1 Preliminary, Cambridge B2 First, Cambridge C1 Advanced and Cambridge C2 Proficiency.

  • Live online classes are a great opportunity to get in touch with other au pairs who you can meet up with face to face in your free time. 

  • There is also a full programme of Autumn 2020 social events to help you meet new friends in London. These events will be face to face, not online, and include things like exploring Richmond Park or going to a London Market.

  • Au pair social events are free of charge, although you will need to pay your own expenses, such as transport or lunch.

  • Your first class is completely free, with no obligation whatsoever. Log in and give us a try.

  • Please note that we can help you with a Kindergeld application if you are making one. Scroll down to learn more.

Contact us to book your trial class via


  • Many of our younger German students, especially those spending a year in London working in childcare, make a Kindergeld claim to help cover the cost of their studies.


  • Under the current rules of the scheme you need to study for a minimum of 10 hours a week with a language school to make a claim.

  • 10 hours per week at Richmond English Live usually means 4 x 2 hour live online classes, 1 x 2 live social class in the business centre, and the majority of our students receiving Kindergeld study during mornings from Monday to Friday.

  • If you want to reclaim fees, we can help you fill out the application, stamp and sign it, and write a letter confirming your attendance at Richmond English School.

Au Pair Families

  • Why trust us with your Au Pair’s English learning?

  • As an au pair host family, or an agent in London responsible for matching au pairs and families together, you want to know you’ve got it right. You want to be sure they can look after children well, that they can provide attention, learning opportunities and – above all – safety.

  • First and foremost, in order to give an excellent standard of care to children, an au pair needs to be confident and articulate in their use of English. 

  • However, many struggle to find an English Language school that can offer them personal support, convenience, flexibility and affordability that they need in order to rapidly improve their English skills.

  • Not only do we offer all of these, we also come with top reviews from our au pair students, and have built a strong reputation among south west London host families in recent years.

  • ​We are specialists in teaching English to au pairs,and offer a much-loved community learning environment in addition to an extensive social programme. If you would like to inquire about booking English classes for your au pair, then do please get in touch today. We'd love to hear from you.

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