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B2 Business Vantage Live Online 


What is Cambridge Business Vantage? 

    • B2 Business Vantage (formerly BEC Vantage) is a Cambridge English Qualification which shows employers you're ready to do business at an international level.

    • It is an Upper Intermediate level qualification, B2 Level per CEFR. What's this?

    • Accepted globally by top international companies like Procter & Gamble, HSBC and AstraZeneca, Cambridge Business Vantage demonstrates to an employer that you can work in company whose primary communication is in English.

Course Information

Course type:

Part-time, Cambridge B2 Business Vantage Exam course, delivered online over 1 x 1.5 hour sessions per week, over a 20 week period. 

Course Times: Fridays 10:00 - 11:30 AM UK TIME

Start date: any Friday

Breaks and Excluded Days: UK Bank Holidays

Hours per week: 1.5 

Price: £50 per month (4 x 1.5 hour classes).

Registration Fee: Free of Charge. Click here for more price info.

Minimum booking: 1 month / 4 sessions.



Is this course at my level ?

To study on the Cambridge Business Vantage course, you should have a B2 Level of English at the beginning of your course. 


To take the Cambridge Level Test to get an indication of your current English language level, please click here.


We are happy to assess your current English level with in more detail if you would like us to. We can do this via video link or in person at the school. We will make the assessment free of charge, and it normally takes around half an hour.  



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