Booking and Fees


  • Richmond English School is an approved Cambridge and OET Exam Preparation provider.

  • We are not a test centre, but can book you into a local one with no administration fee. 

  • As of April 2021, some local (London) test centre exam fees are: Cambridge B1 Preliminary £100; Cambridge B2 First / C1 Advanced £160; IELTS Academic £185; OET AUS$587 (about £330 at the prevailing rate of exchange,17.03.21).

  • Prices may change. We will confirm the price before making your booking, and ask for payment in advance.

  • Test centre fees are usually non-refundable unless the exam is cancelled, due to (for example) a new lockdown. We will check the refund policy of your test centre before we make your booking.  

ID and Route Planning

  • You will need to enter the details (i.e. the number) on your ID card or Passport when you register for an exam.

  • You then take the same ID card to the test centre to identify itself. Do not forget to take your ID.

  • We recommend you go to the test centre before the exam day in order to familiarise yourself with the route.​

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Exam Dates 2021



OET Nursing, 09.05, 29.05, 12.06, 26.06, 10.07, 24.07

Cambridge B2, Paper Based,17.04, 15.05, 5.06, 8.06,19.06, 29.07, 26.08, 9.10, 6.11,13.11, 30.11,11.12


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