1 minute interview: Cheila Fonseca.

RES: Hello Cheila. Can I ask where you are from?

Cheila: I’m from Brazil.

RES: And how long have you been in the UK?

Cheila: I’ve been here for 7 months.

RES: And have you lived in other countries outside Brazil?

Cheila: Yes, I lived for two years in France.

RES: And which is better, England or France?

Cheila: It’s different, but for food it’s France!

RES: Fair enough! And how is London?

Cheila: It’s a big city, it’s an interesting city, there’s a lot of things to do.

RES: How long are you planning to stay here?

Cheila: I don’t know. Maybe 4 years. Maybe just one or two years. It depends.

RES: And are you enjoying studying English?

Cheila: Yes, I’ve been studying English for 5 months and it’s been great.

RES: Any plans for the summer?

Cheila: I might go to France, and in May I’m going to Portugal, to Lisbon.

RES: Final question, what advice would you give to other Brazilians thinking about coming to London?

Cheila: Don’t spend all your time with other Brazilians, or you’ll never learn English!

RES: Sounds like good advice. Looks like that’s the end of our minute, many thanks Cheila.

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