1 minute interview: Karolina and Szymon

Richmond English School has had the company of two new students over the last few days, Karolina and Szymon. Back in the spring, Karolina won an essay competition we organised for a week’s free study and accommodation at the Richmond English School Summer School 2018.

We caught up with them in between grammar exercises and sightseeing trips to ask them what they’ve been up to. Read our 1 minute interview below:

Szymon and Karolina at Richmond English School in London

How long you guys have been in London, and where are you from?

Szymon: We’ve been here a week, and we’re both from Warsaw.

Why London?

Karolina: Because I won a competition to study for a week in London free of charge. We had to write an essay on why we wanted to visit London, and I wrote about how much I like The Beatles, and how much I wanted to see Abbey Road, which has that famous photo of them all walking across.

Simon: And I’m here because she’s here!

So, did you go to Abbey Road?

Karolina: Yes, we did, we’ll send you the photos if you want.

Richmond English School: Please do!

Have you enjoyed the famous British weather?

Karolina: Actually, it’s been perfect, 30 degrees and sunny all week. But everybody keeps telling us how lucky we’ve been…

What’s been the best bit of London?

Karolina: For me it’s Richmond. We spent our first evening there, and it’s very beautiful with the Bridge and the river going through it.

Simon: For me it was the Science Museum. I’m studying Engineering in Warsaw and I’m really interested in Science. Some of the stuff they had there was amazing. We’re going to visit the Royal Observatory in Greenwich this afternoon as well. I’m really looking forward to it.

What was studying with Richmond English School like?

Karolina: A really positive experience. We were taught differently from the way classes are done in Poland and we did much more speaking, which is what I want to improve.

Simon: I feel the same as Karolina. The speaking part of our classes have been good fun and very useful.

And how was the homestay?

Karolina and Simon: Amazing. They were very friendly, nice people. They always asked us how we were doing, and were very helpful.

Are England going to win the Cup?

Karolina: Fingers crossed!

Simon: No comment!

Will you be coming back to London?

Karolina and Simon: Yes, we’d absolutely love to. It’s so big, and there’s so much more to see.

Richmond English School: London hopes to see you again soon too! You’ve been great students, and charming company. Safe trip home to Poland tomorrow, and very best wishes from all of us.

Szymon and Karolina with Richmond English School managers Tom Lockhart and Alessandra Bellorini

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