1 minute London student interview: Elodie from Paris


What are you doing in London?

My boyfriend relocated for work so I decided to come along too. I’m a medical Doctor in France, and hope to practise medicine in the UK, but need to take my IELTS English language test first.

Paris or London?

Paris is definitely more beautiful, but London is very lively and I’m enjoying it here.

Baguette or Sliced Bread?


Wine or Beer?

Beer actually. I have some Scottish ancestry so that might be the cause of this! They come from the Isle of Lewis very close to where Donald Trump’s Scottish ancestors come from! I also like Haggis!*

What are you studying at Richmond English School?

I’m doing IELTS and general English classes. The classes are free in return for working a few hours a week in the office where I help reply to emails and answer the phone. It’s a good way of improving your English very quickly.

What do you think of the English weather?

We’ve been here for a couple of months and it hasn’t been bad, but people say the English summer can be very wet. We’ll see!

Favourite spot in London?

Regents Park. It’s a nice place to go for a walk at the weekend.

Any advice for other French people planning to come to London?

Yes, make sure you find a flat with English or English speaking room-mates. There are lots of French people in London, and if you’re not careful it’s easy to just speak French all the time.

Merci Elodie! Bonne Chance à Londres! 

*Haggis: a traditional Scottish dish made of minced sheep’s liver, heart and lungs mixed with onion and oatmeal.

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