Ham House – one of Richmond’s best kept secrets.

Run by the National Trust, and sitting in beautiful gardens on the banks of the river Thames, Ham House is an absolute must see attraction for anybody who visits Richmond. Just 20 minutes walk from Richmond town centre, it has been called one of the grandest houses in the whole of England.

It was originally built in 1610, and its amazing collection of paintings, furniture and textiles has hardly changed in 400 years.

And there’s more.

Ham House is also supposed to be one of the most haunted houses in the world. Dogs howl and whimper in its rooms. Sometimes there is a distinct smell of old, Elizabethan tobacco in the air. A woman dressed in black silently walks along the corridors. Terrifying screams have been heard from empty rooms.

An eery, strange mirror hangs on the wall on the ground floor, and many visitors – inexplicably – feel too scared to look at it as they walk past.

Will you dare to look into it when you pay the house a visit, or will you turn the other way?

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