Isabella Plantation

Last Sunday on April 28th, we were at Isabella Plantation, which is a huge beautiful and colourful garden in Richmond Park. We started from the school at 2pm, and then we walked to Isabella plantation. On our way, we were very lucky because we saw a herd of young deer in Richmond Park, which was a good moment, offering a nature break from London city, and everybody appreciated it.

Then we arrived at the plantation itself, and were astonished by the beauty and the diversity of vegetation. There were a lot of trees and bushes with gorgeous colours everywhere, with shades of pink, red and purple around every corner. Isabella plantation is a peaceful and quiet place which provided revitalization and mindfulness for a time, and we really enjoyed it.

The walk was quite long, but we took many breaks on the way, and each time was an opportunity to talk, laugh, better get to know people and share our different cultures and languages. At the end, we all stopped in a pretty restaurant, with a lovely garden and comfortable chairs to have a drink and recover from our 3 hours’ walking over the Park.

Anne Vigna

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