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One-minute Interview, Lena C1 student

One-minute interview, Richmond English School talked to Lena Krausmann, (C1) Cambridge Advanced English Student.

Lena - Richmond English School Student

RES: Where are you from, Lena?

LK: I’m from Germany, from Berlin.

RES: And how long have you been living in London?

LK: For two months now.

RES: Is it any good?

LK: Yes, I really like it, I like living in London, even if it can be a bit difficult with the job.

RES: What’s the job?

LK: I’m an au pair, so I have to look after children and it can be a bit stressful sometimes.

RES: Oh dear, poor you! And how long are you going to stay here?

LK: Until July next year.

RES: What do you miss about Berlin?

LK: Umm, I think what I miss most are my friends and my family.

RES: Are they coming to visit you?

LK: Actually, my Dad’s coming to visit me this Wednesday for a couple of days, and then I’m going to return home for Christmas, and then I think next year friends of mine will come to London too, and stay at my place and we can visit (London) together.

RES: How are the English classes going?

LK: It is perfect, I love it!

RES: Correct answer, Lena – no wonder you’re top of the class!

RES: And if you could give one piece of advice to a new au pair coming to London, what would it be?

LK: I would really advise (them) to go to an English class because you meet a lot of new people.

RES: Correct answer once again Lena, but they’re just going to think I told you to say that…

LK: Maybe they can, but it’s my opinion. I would really recommend it because you meet people in the same situation as you are, so it can be nice to talk about any problems or if they have problems with their (host) families. Also, it’s fun because of the social events and the possibility to meet new friends. Finally, I would recommend doing as much as possible during the free time because London is such a cool city with so many things to see and to explore!

RES: One final and important question: did you enjoy talking about the history of cricket with RES at the pub social on Friday night?

LK: Umm, well, umm…( long pause )…

LK: I have to say I understood nothing about the cricket part, but apart from that it was a really fun night, and I enjoyed talking to everybody.

RES: ‘Apart from that?’ Oh dear! Your first incorrect answer Lena. All the same, many thanks for taking the time to talk with RES and the very best of best of luck with your year in The Big Smoke.

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