Things to do in Richmond!

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Cambridge C1 Advanced Student Liesa from Germany gives her advice on the best things to do in Richmond. Liesa, over to you:

Hello Again, Liesa here, your friendly London Tour Guide.

So, you want to explore Richmond but have no idea what to do there. I get that. London’s certainly not most famous for its little known borough of Richmond. But it is still absolutely worth a visit. Richmond provides one of the most picturesque and peaceful surroundings I’ve ever seen in London. It’s not really a place for partying but it is charming for lovely, relaxing days out and evenings. Here are my top tips if you ever visit:

• Orange Tree Theatre

The Orange Tree Theatre is located at 1 Clarence Street, near the Richmond Train Station. It’s a cosy theatre, with a central round stage (called theatre in the round), which is kind of unusual but very beneficial for the crowd because you can see and hear everything from every angle. I saw a contemporary setting version of Romeo and Juliet there a couple of years ago and despite my low understanding of the English language (at the time) it was very nice to watch.

• Richmond Green

Richmond Green is a nice little green space where you can have lunch or walk your dogs, cats, turtles, all pets you like and basically everything you can imagine doing in a public green space. There is nothing special to see but it is still a lovely area to just relax and enjoy nice weather or a yummy sandwich. And they sometimes play cricket there in summer, so watch out for flying cricket balls!

• Richmond Riverside

While not as vibrant as the Southbank (by the Thames in the centre of town), Richmond Riverside is scenic and tranquil. Even though there are some nice pubs around that area, I reckon the best thing is to just take a stroll or sit on one of the benches next to Richmond Bridge, especially when it’s a bit misty during sunrise or sunset when there are absolutely stunning views, and it even feels like your on a film set! Just be careful around the time when the water level rises because of the high tide – it can come right onto the path and you will get wet feet!

• Ole & Steen

Ole & Steen is a famous, high quality Danish bakery with truly delicious cakes, breads and so on. They have some other shops in London as well but I heard the one in Richmond is the most famous. I’ve been there many times on my own but also with friends to have a coffee, a cinnamon social (that’s a type of delicious cakey thing by the way) or just to buy the rye bread of the month, because it’s mostly really delicious and you get some discount on it. I actually did a trial shift there when I was looking for a job in London so I can tell you the people working there are absolutely lovely and very patient, but in the end I found another job instead. But that’s a different story!

I’m off home tomorrow. I’ve enjoyed Richmond. I’m sure you will, too!

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