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What is my Level of English? 

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If you want to start a Cambridge course, an IELTS (Academic) course, an OET Nursing Course or One-to-one general English, then please click on General English - Begin Test. If you wish to study on the Cambridge Business English course, please click on the Business English - Begin Test.


When you have finished, please let us know your score. We will make a further assessment of your spoken English - on zoom or when you arrive - to make sure you are on the right course. 

General English - Begin Test

Business English - Begin Test


The diagram below (reproduced courtesy of Cambridge English) shows how the different courses we offer can be compared to each other. For example, B2 on the CEFR is (approximately) the same as Cambridge B2 First, B2 Business Vantage and IELTS 6.0.

If you have taken taken General English test (above) then an approximate indication of your level based on your test score is as follows: 12 to 13 A2 (KET); 14 to 17 B1 (PET); 18 to 21 B2 (FCE); 22 to 23 C1 (CAE); 24 to 25 C2 (CPE)

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